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"The best of broadband "

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bbl Click to check IP address of the poster 06/23/2000, 06:53 PM ()
"The best of broadband "
With so much content available on the Internet, it seems impossible to find and locate useful and entertaining content that satisfies your personal tastes not to mention content that is fun to use on a high speed connection. With major sites just beginning to develop “broadband” content and other smaller players already distributing this content, it seems like there should be a lot of really interesting stuff to see and do on the Internet especially for cable modem users.

· How do you find cool Internet content that is tailored to high speed connections?

· Are there some really good search engines available similar to that helps you locate stuff you are looking for?

· What cool site have you come across?

· Do you mostly depend on the content from your cable ISP’s homepage?

· Entertainment (streaming audio and video and gaming) is the big broadband content right now. What sites provide the best entertainment content for broadband users?

· What is the best MP3 player? Where is the best place to download MP3s if you don’t want to download Napster?

· What does everyone think about Napster?

· What types of things would you like to see on the Internet that you aren’t seeing yet?

· What do you think about atomfilms? I think it is great to support original content like they are doing? I wonder if AOL can be as supportive as an atomfilms or if AOL will start producing mass-broadband content?


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RE: The best of broadband , JimB, 08/08/2002, (2)
RE: The best of broadband , yamato7, 04/06/2003, (3)

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Jim Click to check IP address of the poster 07/25/2002, 09:06 AM ()
1. "RE: The best of broadband "
You could always look at NASA tv when a shuttle is in orbit. Thats available online.

No commercial breaks, and no yammering by a reporter.

Here is the start page:

Or one of the satellite photo servers.

Apollo Lunar Surface journal: voice, video, stills.

As for my ISP, doesn't have a listing of all of its user's web sites. I think they should have that.

You could always look for those 'dancing' pages... where 10-20 copies of something is dancing around via java or javascript.



JimB Click to check IP address of the poster 08/08/2002, 08:08 AM ()
2. "RE: The best of broadband "
how about aurora movies ?
Just scroll down the below page.

I haven't check them.



yamato7 Click to Email yamato7Click to check IP address of the poster 04/06/2003, 07:58 PM ()
3. "RE: The best of broadband "
you guys are gay, you get a cable modem to dwnload warez and shit, not gay websites and webcams

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