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bbl Click to check IP address of the poster 08/02/2000, 04:04 PM ()
If you know of a great site that really shows off the speed of a cable modem, we'd like to hear from you.

We would also like to know of any software that you've found indispensable.

Nominations will be reviewed by our staff and included in our Content Guide and Download Guide if they meet our criteria.

You can make a nomination by posting here, or by clicking on feedback on the left side.



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RE: Nominations, matt melodia, 08/03/2000, (1)

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matt melodia Click to Email matt melodiaClick to check IP address of the poster 08/03/2000, 10:50 PM ()
1. "RE: Nominations"
there is a bunch of sites you can check just about
any connections, dial up, dsl and cable modems. here is 2 of a bunch if you want more let me know.

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