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TWIZTID Click to Email TWIZTIDClick to check IP address of the poster 12/25/2000, 03:37 AM ()

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RE: PING?, TFC_God, 02/10/2001, (1)
RE: PING?, matt, 02/10/2001, (2)
RE: PING?, TFC_God, 02/17/2001, (3)
RE: PING?, neo, 10/06/2001, (4)
RE: PING?, Tim, 05/08/2002, (5)

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TFC_God Click to check IP address of the poster 02/10/2001, 02:33 PM ()
1. "RE: PING?"
Ping is basically how good or bad your connection is. The lower, the better. It doesn't necissarily make you a better gamer, it just means that you don't lag at all.

matt Click to check IP address of the poster 02/10/2001, 06:26 PM ()
2. "RE: PING?"
Yes and no "ping" does make you a better player . If you are in a 1st person shooter your shots will register therefore getting more kills . There is no substitue for talent but if you have a little bit of talent Ping makes up for 75% of why people win alot . But now with so many people getting cable , DSL etc it is not a big difference. Example 1.5 years ago I was playing a game my ping was 9 on a dedicated T1 line ,on a 56k which is what 95% of evryone had it was 300-700 I got the 3rd highest score ever where on a 56k i was average to a little above average but then again i could be wrong

TFC_God Click to check IP address of the poster 02/17/2001, 03:52 PM ()
3. "RE: PING?"
I'd have to say that talent is 95% of what gets kills. I've been playin TFC for a year and 7 months on a 26.4 connection, and I'm usually on top (not that single scores matter in TFC). I usually PwN the crap outta LPBs.

neo Click to check IP address of the poster 10/06/2001, 11:52 PM ()
4. "RE: PING?"
i agree i play a hockey game and it requires instant respons if u have high ping u aint winning basically

Tim Click to Email TimClick to check IP address of the poster 05/08/2002, 12:30 PM ()
5. "RE: PING?"
just thought i add to the conversation and define 'ping'
ping is the time in milliseconds that it takes a small packet of data to do a round trip from your machine to another machine (ie server)
basically, when you ping someone, you fire off a packet, and time how long it takes to bounce back.
yes, the lower the ping, the better your response in multiplayer games


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