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"Would it work"

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MR. Hanky Click to Email MR.%20HankyClick to check IP address of the poster 12/23/2001, 05:13 PM ()
"Would it work"
Have you ever seen the cable modem's that stores like BEST BUY or COMP U.S.A. try to sell. If so, now tell me, but let me tell you about my situation first, I have cable t.v. but it being tap out from the neighbors house, so the cable company don't think i have cable, question is ...if i buy the modem, would it work as soon as i hook it right up or do i have to call it in to get it activated like if it was caller i.d. for the phone,
Thank you for your time, and ..sshhhhhhh! dont tell my cable company, its our secret

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RE: Would it work, anon, 12/23/2001, (1)
RE: Would it work, brian, 04/24/2002, (2)
RE: Would it work, CW, 01/14/2003, (3)
RE: Would it work, James, 01/26/2003, (4)
RE: Would it work,, 08/24/2003, (5)
RE: Would it work, unknown, 08/29/2003, (6)
RE: Would it work, Jim K, 10/08/2003, (7)

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anon Click to Email anonClick to check IP address of the poster 12/23/2001, 09:50 PM ()
1. "RE: Would it work"
No you ll be unable to access the internet through your neighbors pipe.
#1 You need a MAC provisioned with almost all cable companies to allow access
#2If you were to split the signal your neighbor would more than likely lose his cable connection.
#3 You could ask your neighbor to either buy another IP and run and ethernet cable through a hub or use a router . (Unlikley but it would work). Routers are very useful and reliable.

brian Click to check IP address of the poster 04/24/2002, 01:14 AM ()
2. "RE: Would it work"
I agree, it won't work. Depending on your proximity to your neighbor you could either tell him to get a wireless router so you could share the connection without the use of wires or if you live in a duplex together you could easily get along with a cheap router with NAT firewall(so the cable company can't see you both online at the same time) and some cat5 wire. Either way is very easy but will require some $.

CW Click to check IP address of the poster 01/14/2003, 01:51 AM ()
3. "RE: Would it work"
You Fuckin crook! No it won't work.
Pay for your cable like good working people do you asshole. You probably steal stuff in stores too. Thanks for driving up the cost of Cable.

I hope they put you in Jail as well!


James Click to check IP address of the poster 01/26/2003, 07:13 PM ()
4. "RE: Would it work"
UUUHHHH one word, NO
  Top Click to check IP address of the poster 08/24/2003, 02:00 PM ()
5. "RE: Would it work" <> You are funny... Just look up what a Felony offense is. If your caught along with anyone else in this U.S. the only cable you will recieve is the cable used to make bob wire fences for the "BigHouse" aka Fed. Prison. So don't think ahh it will be ok to run a line from our neighbors. Well think again residents without cable, not considering satelite are monitored.

unknown Click to Email unknownClick to check IP address of the poster 08/29/2003, 09:55 PM ()
6. "RE: Would it work"
did you get the answer for that question

Jim K Click to check IP address of the poster 10/08/2003, 03:13 AM ()
7. "RE: Would it work"
So i suppose you have never done anything Illegal before??? I have, and im sure i will again. Like the other sane guy said, a router would work, but thats about it.

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