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"would it work?"

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Paul Zemeckis Click to Email Paul%20ZemeckisClick to check IP address of the poster 09/01/2003, 01:30 AM ()
"would it work?"
I've got cable internet service working with no tv's (we dont have a tv). Recently we bought a tv (finally!) and I was wondering if I could actually get any cable channels beside by splitting up the signal. Would I get tv and internet through the same wiring? If I do decide on getting cable tv later I would have to test it first, I figure this is the best possible way to do so.

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RE: would it work?, mike, 09/01/2003, (1)

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mike Click to Email mikeClick to check IP address of the poster 09/01/2003, 04:17 AM ()
1. "RE: would it work?"
yes, it should work. Most cable companies make you pay for basic cable if you are only interested in high speed internet so you should be in luck. Go ahead and split them and you should at least get the basic channels.



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