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"concerned about where I tap the coax"

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Original message

Mark Click to Email MarkClick to check IP address of the poster 10/27/2003, 02:16 AM ()
"concerned about where I tap the coax"
My house is fully drywalled in the basement where
the coax comes in. Unfortunately this means I
don't know how the coax for the three TV jacks
are wired.

I have figured out by deduction that the wire I
would like to tap is downstream of at least two
splitter taps (because when I open the wire at
a junction two TV jacks continue to run and the
last jack quits, the last jack is downstream of
where I want to tap for the cable modem).
I wanted to tap at this particular point since
it's in a closet and next to the room where the
computer will be.

What I wanted to ask is how much risk there is
that the signal will be cut down a lot by these
preceding two splitters? I've read it's much
better to split first thing where the cable comes
in the house and to use a 1GHz splitter, but
to do that I'd have to cut into some wall near
where the coax comes in.



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mike Click to Email mikeClick to check IP address of the poster 10/28/2003, 01:02 AM ()
1. "RE: concerned about where I tap the coax"
Hi Mark,

I have read a lot about splitting cable lines and also in talking to several techs that you should try to put the modem off of the first split which I had done in the past.

Currently, my modem is on a line that has 2 splits in it and has had no problems. As a side note the tech who helped me out said I had a great signal on my first split and that is why I am still getting a strong signal. behind 2 splits and a barrel work great for me but you may want to consult a cable tech about your signal strenght before you go through with it.

Hope this helps



Tim Click to Email TimClick to check IP address of the poster 12/11/2003, 04:38 PM ()
2. "RE: concerned about where I tap the coax"
Only a suggestion from my dealings with my own cable. Sounds like when installed there wasn't the normal Splitter added just inside the house that I am familar with, sounds like it was run and then tapped when needed. If you are able I'd go with the 1 Gig splitter from the get gojust inside the house.(had my best results via this route) Then run individual cable to each piece of equipment. May cost you more $ up front but it will be worth it. If you go this route a small tip if you hadn't thought of it yet. You will have to cut the cable upon house entrance to add the splitter adding ends is fairly simple. When in doubt cut a little longer than you think you may need. Once cut the quickest & simpilest way to run you cable is to tape your seperate cable runs to the existing cable tape in sequence of shortest run to longest probably 5 inches or so apart on the "old" cable. Be sure to measure cable length needs more than once.Track the wife, kid, beer buddy down to feed cable. You would proceed to the first drop i.e. TV. Pull old cable with new cables attached towards you as cable feeder feeds the cable up. Cut the first cable loose pull out what you need. Before proceeding to the next drop you may want to pull the remaining cable(s) as far as possible and still have slack to connect to the 1 Gig splitter. By doing so it makes for less tension and easier on yourself and the feeder. Then the feeder comes to yur spot(First Drop) and feeds when you get to the second drop etc. Hope this helps..Cost saver, may want to tape on a small nylon rope and use it in place of the first cable drop. Making the second cable drop your first cable to cut loose. Once complete run is finished, you will have the "Old" cable pulled out on the floor at your last drop. Take old cable back to starting point, tape to nylon rope pull through to the first drop point.

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