Cable Internet Service Providers

Cable Internet Service Providers
If you’re considering signing up for service with a cable Internet service provider, the largest cable companies offer such an incredible range of services and features that you’re sure to find a provider that perfectly meets your needs. Not only is there a wide selection of high-speed Internet options, but you can also bundle other services such as digital phone, video on demand, and cable television.

Finding a Cable Internet Service Provider in Your Area

Depending on where you live, there may be only a single cable Internet service provider available in your area or you may have more to choose from. To find out which providers offer service in your part of the country, just search online or in the phone book. Once you know which companies you can select, review the services they offer – especially Internet speeds and pricing – and if you’ll be able to save on your monthly bill if you add other cable services.

How Fast are Today’s Cable Internet Speeds?

Today’s cable Internet service providers feature speeds that were unimaginable just a few years ago. In many larger cities, cable Internet download speeds are as fast as 60 Mbps or as slow as 256 Kbps. The speed differences depend on your provider and what type of cable Internet service fits your budget.

Bear in mind, however, that no matter what the advertised cable Internet connection speed may be,
your actual speed can be impacted by several different factors such as the distance your cable connection is from the cable company and the speed of your computer’s processor. And if you have a shared cable Internet connection – common with cable Internet services where numerous houses in your neighborhood are accessing the Internet using the same allotted bandwidth, you may experience slowdowns when many people in your area are online.

Most cable Internet providers have also instigated policies that allow them to manage bandwidth use during high-traffic periods – most evident in the evening hours if you’re signing onto the Internet from home. To overcome Internet congestion at these times, cable companies may limit the amount of bandwidth each customer uses to guarantee all of their customers Internet access.

Compare Services from Cable Internet Service Providers

All cable Internet service providers offer a wide range of services and special features to ensure that your cable Internet, cable television, digital phone, and other services meet your broadband needs as well as your budget. When considering their offerings, make sure to compare online security packages, email options, storage capacity, and remote access. Also check out customer ratings of a particular company to be sure you’ll get high quality customer service as well as top-of-the-line features.